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Elitech Solutions Limited

We are fortunate to already have achieved a fantastic level of sponsorship from our close partner, Elitech Solutions Limited. Elitech have been fantastic in assisting us with our startup costs. A link to their page can be observed here:

Sponsoring us: How does it help you?

Whilst we are very grateful for our existing sponsors, additional assistance, or finance for our racing campaign would be of a great benefit. Here’s how RT Racing can help your business, in return for your monetary or service in-kind offering:

  • Links to your company on our various social channels
  • Your logo on our car (our races will be streamed and televised!)
  • Race day passes including pit access, where you can see the cars and meet the drivers
  • Yearly invitation to a trackday, where you will be placed in the passenger seat of the car with our driver, for a number of hot laps around a national race circuit
  • Emailed car updates and race reports
  • The knowledge you’ll be helping a new race team make a name for themselves in the club racing community
  • Photo opportunities for your business with us, the car and our driver

If you would be interested in sponsoring us, please get in touch.

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