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Finding a Tow Car

After finding a car to hurl around the nations finest asphalt, the team desperately required something a little more mundane with which to transport it; and so it came to be that Sweden would come to our rescue.


Yes we know, it’s got about as much excitement about it as your old sock drawer, but gosh was it cheap! To be fair, it had done just under 200,000 miles BUT! It had every service receipt since purchase with it and only 3 prior owners – for £1,300, you cannot really complain. We’ve been using the car as a daily drive when it’s not busy towing the race car behind it, and so far have covered several thousand very hassle free miles.

Long may that continue..!

The best part is, with the overall setup we now have (including a Minno-Max lightweight trailer) anyone from the team will be able to tow the car with it, B+E qualified or not.

We now have the car, the, tow car and the trailer… We are getting quite excited as the prospect of actually getting on a grid is slowly getting more and more realistic. The cars first test will be a track day, so Matt and the MX-5 can get acquainted.




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