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Getting on a Grid


Once you’ve done your ARDS, the next thing you’ll want to concentrate on is getting onto a race grid. There’s three ways we have found you can do that:

  1. Buy a Race Car
  2. Rent a Race Car
  3. Get a Sponsored Drive

Now, we are assuming that option 3 is off the table for most people, unless they’ve some serious contacts, serious ability and some heritage from Karting or another formulae. So we will focus on options 1 and 2.

The idea of “try before you buy” really appealed to Matt so he reached out to Roddisons Motorsport and another chap called Will Chappel, who would both happily accommodate a race weekend where the car was fully run and all you had to do was get in and drive.

After some deliberation, the main issue with this is that a race day typically involves about one hour of actual seat time: 20 minute practice, 20 minute quali, 20 minute race. Most race weekends are double headers, So for your £750 for 2 hours in the car… that starts to look quite expensive.

After more deliberation, some beer fuelled Ebay searches and forum trawls, we decided the only way forward was to buy a car… See our next post for more info.




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